+ 'now, today is the twentieth of april, 4 20, the day everyone is supposed to smoke marijuana', criag ferugson informs, 'personally i dont, but it doesnt bother me if you do.  i'm talking to you, stoner dudes on the couch!  thats right, i can see you!  'relax, he cant really see us'.  really?  then how do i know you are eating raisin bran?  'dude, he can see us!'  i've never been big on the weed, i never really did a lot of weed, even during my reckless youth.  there wasnt a lot of it where i grew up. it could have been a supply and demand thing though, scottish people didnt really like the side effects of smoking the green herb. 'it relaxes your mind and makes you non violent?  no thanks, hippies!'  i've got to admit though, the idea of smoking a joint with other people, it kind of freaks me out.  it does!  it doesnt seem sanitary.  its this thing thats filled with who-knows-what, its just been in somebody's pants, and now its touching everybody's lips.  if i want that i'll get myself a kardashian!'
- emily deschanel
- jerry ferrara

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