+ 'i'm very excited because the author anne rice is here today', craig ferguson shares, 'she wrote 'interview with a vampire', 'memnoch the devil', and 'harry potter', and 'huck finn' and 'moby dick', and a pamphlet i read...  her vampire books are very popular.  people have been fascinated by vampires for centuries.  psychologists think that vampires represent unbridled eroticism.  you know, raw sexuality rapped up in a metaphor.  for those who want their sexuality with out any metaphor or subtext at all, there's always chat roulette.  trust me, you want a little bit of metaphor...  see, what happened was that in the '70s vampires had gotten pretty boring.  the scariest vampire was count chocula.  one bite from count chocula and you were cursed with type 1 diabetes!  what happened is that anne rice changed all that with 'interview with a vampire' when it came out in 1976.  the vampires are, of course, existentially torn between the sensual pleasures of this world and the curse of eternal life.  today's vampires are twilight, they are torn between their tossled hair and their chiseled abs.  'dude, i dont drink blood, its got too many carbs'.  then theres 'the vampire diaries' on the cw, which is ridiculousness!  a vampire wouldnt keep a diary!  what are they going to do with a diary?  'dear diary, does dr. van helsing like me or like me like me?'  the key way to recognize a vampire is that they grow older without changing their outward appearance.  so, what i'm saying is that rob lowe is a vampire!'
* anne rice
geoff tate

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