+ 'i used to love going fishing', craig ferguson states, 'i think it was really about the clothes though for me.  nothing says 'real man' like a vest with 38 pockets and a mesh hat with hooks in it.  i haven't gone fishing since i've been sober.  i used to use fishnet stockings.  people are like 'what?'  no, it really works.  fishnet stockings.  other fishermen were always surprised when they would see the catch of the day flopping away in my stockings.  then we would laugh and we'd all go fishing!  that's stupid.  stupid disgusting and ridiculous.  remind you of anyone?  maybe i'll go fishing again soon.  there's something very satisfying about getting up early in the morning, catching a fish, gutting it, cooking it yourself.  but there's something even more satisfying about staying in bed all day then going to a restaurant and eating fish.'
- billy gardell
- ian gomez

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