+ 'if i seem a little woozy its because i'm a little jet lagged', craig ferguson shares, 'i went to scotland last week!  dont worry, its not dangerous, i'm from there.  its not like 'oh i went up to the source of the amazon'.  i went to scotland, theyve got airports and infrastructure.  it was lovely!  i might as well announced right now as well, we recorded a weeks worth of shows while we there there.  so, on the week of may the 14th, cancel all your appointments and fire up the vcr!  yeah, the vcr...  cause if you watch this show you probably still use a vcr.  'yeah, but i accidentally taped over diagnosis murder!'  do we have a graphic for the week of scotland shows?  of course not.  they air in may, so the graphic will be ready some time in july...'
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