+ 'its a big day if you are a fan of the football', craig ferguson reminds, 'the first round of the nfl draft was earlier tonight, because we are live of course.  it was earlier tonight at radio city music hall.  and as blind luck would have it i will be performing at radio city music hall on october the 6th.  hmm.  but the nfl draft and my comedy show are quite different of course, one is a grand spectacle involving the nations most athletic young men, and the other one is the nfl draft.  normally i dont talk that much about the nfl on this show, but tonight i'm making an exception.  this season the super bowl is on cbs, and also i am a corporate whore.  but lets be honest, the nfl draft is nothing if not exciting.  what happens is that the league basically plucks young people from obscurity and then pits them in a brutal competition to fight to the death.  oh, wait, thats the hunger games.  but its about the same thing...  for those of you who dont know, the 32 nfl teams draft in the reverse order of how they finished in the standings last year.  which means every year the nfl draft allows the best young player coming out of college to realize his life long dream of playing for the crappiest team in football from the year before!  its like, imagine if you will, standing in line for the price is right to only get tickets for this show instead...'
- toni collette
# mike massimino

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