+ 'its a very unsettling day today', craig ferguson states, 'look at what was recently released in england: hot dog stuffed crust pizza.  thats right, hot dogs in the crust of pizzas!  we are through the looking glass here people!  and we are not going back because after a hot dog in your slice of pizza you wont fit anymore...  now this raises two important questions: 1. who came up with this monstrosity?, and b. how quickly can it be delivered to my house?  course, the real question is why are the hot dog crust pizza only available in england.  i mean, americans should be mad about this.  the hot dog originated in st. louis, and pizza is from italy.  you know the italians are mad about this, they are like 'whats a come and a go?  keepa your wiener away from my pizza!  also, i dont want any hot dogs near my food.'
- guy pearce who gets in to a bit of trouble for what he says about the australian capital!
- jessica st. clair

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