+ 'next week, of course, is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic', criag ferguson remembers, 'its a terrible tragedy, so what better way to mark the somber anniversary than a big hollywood 3D movie opening today!  thats right, titanic is back in the theaters!  its pretty amazing though that they have the computer programs that can turn the old movies in to 3D.  they take something flat and two dimensional and make it look real.  they should try that with mit romney!  i'm going to go see it in 3D, that will be great, everything will come flying at your face: the ship, the ice burg, the boobies!  i dont remember much about the movie, only the boobies!  who was that again in the movie? she was lovely, gorgeous blonde hair, sexy lips.  leonardo dicaprio, thats right!  kate winslet, of course, is the actress.  she's the one with the boobies in the movie.  i dont know why the movie studio isnt advertising the fact that you will be able to see her boobies in 3D- they should put that on the poster!  'remember her boobies?  well, they are in 3D!'  or they could do it more subtly, they could just underline the first three letters in titanic...'
- laura linney
# grant imahara

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