+ 'i'm very excited because the hunger games movie comes out today', craig ferguson states, 'the hunger games is based on a best selling book.  its very tricky turning a book into a movie because sometimes people love the books so much that no adaptation lives up to what they imagined.  now, you can avoid that disappointment very simply by never reading books.  i really like the name 'the hunger games', but i always get it confused with the hbo show 'game of thrones'.  i always get them mixed up!  i'm thinking 'the hunger game of thrones'.  i always get stuff mixed up.  i'm not kidding, i once ordered a fight club sandwich at subway once!  'i'd like a fight club sandwich' and they were like 'we wont talk about that'.  anyway, here's how i keep hunger games and game of thrones seperate: hunger games is the one with the girl and the bow and arrow.  game of thrones is the one with the extremely talented actor who is a little person.  or is that mission impossible?'
- elizabeth banks
bryan miller

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