+ 'not a great day for our secret service', craig ferguson states, 'over the weekend 11 secret service agents were busted with prostitutes.  honestly, i dont want to judge these people, but they are roll models who sacrifice so much for others.  and so are the secret service.  here's what scares me thought: if a secret service guy cant even go to a hooker and keep it a secret, then what hope is there?  i am not however, condoning the hiring of prostitutes.  i would never have sex with a hooker, unless it was t.j.  call me, william shatner!  you know who is to blame for the secret service bruhaha?  the politicians.  these agents spend a lot of time in washington, you hang out in washington long enough and the habits of the politicians are going to rub off on you!  president obama talked about the scandal today, he said that he is reserving judgement until all the facts are in, or at least until he can blame it on mitt romney.'
- kathy griffin
= m. ward

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