+ 'have you heard of the kid justin timberlake?'  craig ferguson asks, 'he's cracker jack!  i call him j.t. because timberlake sounds like a place you go camping.  'i remember all the nights at timberlake, in fact i was just in timberlake'  see what i did there?!?  thats quality entertainment right there!  anyway, justin timberlake, he's got so many great songs, you know, that one about bringing sexy back, and... all the others.  we all know he can sing and act and dance, but we have all wondered one thing: can he sell furniture?  well, yes, yes he can apparently because j.t. announced his own line of home decor.  he is starting a website to sell things like bookcases and tables and chairs and anything else he has lying around like paper clips, troll dolls, dead hobos. i dont know what he's got lying around!  now listen, i do not have a problem with justin timberlake, how could anybody, he's adorable!  he used to be on the mickey mouse club in 1992.  now this is amazing, his cast mates that year included britney spears, christina aguilera, and ryan gosling.  anyway, he's designing furniture now.  well, he's not designing the furniture, he worked with a professional designer though.  i doubt it was fifty fifty collaboration, justin probably said 'i like chairs', then the designer said 'great, i'll take it from here, see you in about six weeks!'  he didnt design the furniture, nor did he build it, but other than that its all his!  he's seen it.  maybe, maybe he's seen it!'
- michael sheen
- michael ian black

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