+ 'its a great day for our friends to the north, canada', criag ferguson shares, 'as you know i'm a big fan of canada, i love the canadians. our neighbor to the north, populated by the beautiful docile bovine creatures called canadians.  today the royal canadian mint announced they are getting rid of coins and paper money.  they are developing something called the 'mint chip'.  which i thought 'ice cream for money?'  no, the mint chip is a digital chip that is used to pay for stuff.  the chip can be put in a phone or a watch, or maybe even your hand.  i like the feel of an implant in my hand...  no, i am a big canada and here they go again leading the world one more time.  canadians have already given us maple syrup, peanut butter, the wonder bra.  thats true, they did invent all those things!  coincidentally, all three of them are things i like to wear on my body...  anyway, the canadians mean business, last week they have already phased out pennies.  gone!  its too bad for the person who's face is on the canadian penny, the most renowned canadian in the world: justin bieber.  yes, he is the father of all canadian philosophical thought.  baby, please.'
- judd apatow
= katherine jenkins

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