dr. who convention with chris & bridger

after coming on the show numerous times talking about dr who with craig ferguson, chris hardwicke went to a dr. who convention with criag's assistant bridger. they attended gallifrey one and they brought a camera crew so they could record the whole thing! chris, who is a huge dr. who nerd, showed bridger, who knew nothing of dr. who, what the whole thing is about. along the way they talked with a bunch of people dressed up as different characters from the show, from a weeping angel to guys dressed as different doctors. after chris sends bridger into the tardis, bridger comes out dressed as the doctor and claims 'dr who is the best think ever!' ah, another convert!

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Grudnick said...

Howdy, Tripped over the BLOG, Thank goodness for DVR as I am never up when the Late Late airs here in Maryland. We caught a taping of show a few months ago, and ran into his crew at the Dr Who convention. I got a Late Late Mug out of it, the black one, not the snake. Da pix r here
< http://www.flickr.com/search/?ss=2&w=9716802@N02&q=CRAIG&m=text >