+ after the audience applauds, craig ferguson replies 'i'm just glad the fucking oscars are over too! hurray! finally! oh, another 364 days of peace! do you know whats awesome about show business? when ever you say anything bad about the oscars people go 'oh, are you bitter?' no i'm not bitter, i just like to watch stuff on television! at least this show is crap for less money! oscars really sucked didnt they? i know i always say i dont give a rats ass about the oscars, but this year there was something about that statuesque gold man that just pulled me in. i am of course referring to mathew mcconahoney. he is very tan! i like matthew mconahoney, i think he's cool. you know he got dressed in the car on the way there. cause you can see theres like beads still sneaking out, bits on sand on him and everything. he was on the beach and his wife is like 'come on, we've got to go to the oscars!' hes like 'i feel ya baby, just one more wave'. this was supposed to be the young and hip oscar show, and i couldnt believe how relaxed and slow it was and everyone looks really old. then i realized i was watching '60 minutes'. andy rooney was giving his oscar picks 'i think these talkies are a fad'. now the oscar hosts today are getting a lot of flack, anne hathaway and james franco. i dont think its fair though, i dont think its there fault, right? james franco and anne hathaway are not comedians, they are actors. blaming them for being bad is like blaming actors for a bad movie. once they accept the job its not their fault after that, its whoever highered them. they did everything last night a professional actor should do: they hit their marks, they read their lines, they went backstage and adopted a couple foregn kids. they did what they needed to do. what i'm saying is that if you thought the oscars were boring dont blame the host, blame the guy who hired them. you know, it was probably the same guy who thought 'you know what would be a good idea? lets bring out billy crystal for three minutes in the middle of the show'. you bring out billy crystal in the middle of the oscars, thats like bringing out michael jordan in the middle of a kids basketball game. 'go on, michael, show the kids how its done! ha ha ha, thats how its done! now, back to you suckers!'. it would be like of they brought out a real host in the middle of this crap.'
+ chris hardwicke stops by to help with the emails and tweets, and also to let us know how things went at the dr. who convention!

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