+ 'this is actually a very special show because we've got a great guest', criag ferguson shares, 'not that we dont normally... anyway, we've got a great guest. lewis black is on the show tonight. lewis you probably know from his stuff on comedy central, you know the 'arghghgh!' stuff. dont tell him i did that... but you probably dont know that lewis is also a celebrated playwright. 'in between songs' he wrote, 'one small hitch', 'streetcar named desire'. thats right, lewis black launched the career of marlon brando. look it up on wikipedia. also on wikipedia you will find that i play the harp and i have three nipples. that actually wrong, i have five. two of which are mine. look, all i'm saying is that wikipedia is not a source, ok journalists? what am i talking about? oh, lewis black and the playwright thing, hey. when i was a young man i wanted to be a playwright. i got the whole playwright uniform, like shakespeare had. i had the big puffy pants, the collar that looks like the thing that dogs have to wear when they have an operation. which didnt help, my plays were terrible. but that collar kept me from licking myself... for a while. but love will find a way, which was the name of one of my plays, it was about a guy who licked himself. i am still fascinated by the theater. when i was a younger man i was an actor, well, i hung about with actors. i did a play in new york city it was in a dingy theater, there was no money, the producers said i would get to play pretend with attractive young women. i'm like 'i'm in!' then it turned out to be dudes pretending to be attractive young women. i should have known better when they said they were 'updating' shakespeare with a production of 'the merchant of penis'. and that their last production was 'romeo and romeo'. its a very short play but it has a great sword fight...'
* lewis black
= stackridge

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