+ 'its a great day for america because its a great day for the american space program', criag ferguson states, 'earlier today the space shuttle discovery made its last ever landing. people near cape canaveral in florida heard a sonic boom followed by thousands of old people going 'what the hell?' thats what i'm going to be like when i get old, i'm going to be one of them really dirty old people that says really dirty things to the ladies at the supermarket and they go 'he's adorable, isnt he?' i think i'm kind of like that now... anyway, i'm talking about the space shuttle. you know what i think is so amazing is just how precise nasa is. after a two week space mission that covered 150 million miles, todays landing was merely 17 seconds behind schedule. do you here that, continental airlines? they went to space and got back 17 seconds late, you cant even get to fucking burbank! cbs cares.'

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