+ 'its a great day for us here because the great bob geldof is here tonight', craig ferguson shares, 'now this is a man who created band aid. not the adhesive bandage, although that joke is as old as band aid isnt it? no, weve tried to get the guy who developed the adhesive bandage here for sweeps, you know. i would not be surprised if i looked on the guest list one day and the guy and it said who invented the bandage was here... anyways, bob geldof is here, hes a singer of course, a political activist, and a sir. sir bob geldof. he was granted honorary knighthood by queen elizabeth. i dont know what that means, and i am unlikely to find out what thats like, i would think. what happens is the queen touches you with that big royal thing she carries around. 'oh, there you go, you are now very special'. what is that big royal thing she caries around? thats right, prince charles. 'die already, mother!' that was my knighthood leaving... there are very few musicians who have been given the title of sir. sir bob geldof, and the greatest of course is probably sir mix-a-lot. a knighthood is a position of great honor and class and dignity. like sir elton john. anyway, sir bob geldof was in a band called the boomtown rats. i saw the boomtown rats in glasgow apollo in 1977 and i was drunk. i was six years old as well... they started around the same time as another dublin band called U2. U2 were very different back in the 70's. the edge wasnt exactly himself yet, he was just a rounded corner, a flat surface.'

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