+ 'its a great day for the great state of texas', craig ferguson shares, 'its texas independence day! happy birthday texas! on this day 175 years ago texas said 'adios, mexico!' and became its own damn country. it did! for nine years texas was a country and then joined the united states nine years later. it also happens to be the birthday of sam heuston, who was the first president of the nation of texas. texas independence day is actually one of the two official state holidays, the other is chuck norris' birthday. you know, ive got to say 'walker, texas ranger' never made any sense to me, in a state where everyone has a gun, he is a cop armed only with karate. 'drop your shotgun, or i'll chop this wooden plank in half! and then you will never be able to finish your cabinet!' i've been to texas a bunch of times, i love it. friendly people, tons of history, great big 10 gallon hats. or as they call them in europe, 37 liter hats. the food is great there. any state where barbeque actually counts as a food group is awesome. tex mex food combines the power of barbeque with the glory of mexican food that creates a kind of superfood that cant be stopped. it is, if you can imagine, a level of fartiness hither to unknown in the universe. we should be able to harvest the fartiness. we should harness the fartiness and that would stop our dependence on forign oil! so long, saudi arabia, we've got texas fartiness to keep us going! that actually might not be a bad idea, right there...'
- hugh laurie who shares this interesting fact: 'there is nothing like winning a rowing race: you are facing backwards so you are looking at the people you are beating!' also, winning the golden mouth organ!
- ariel tweto from 'flying wild alaska'

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