+ 'today is, of course, international womans day', craig ferguson informs, 'so congratulations women, about damn time! happy international woman. for international womans day one of the guests today is a woman from another country! your welcome, international women. for me, every day is international womans day. today is the hundredth international womans day, its celebrated all over the world. men are encouraged today to honor the women in their life, so men, make sure you hug your mom, or your wife, or your girlfriend. or all three. if you cant do that, then just give your secretary a patt on the ass and say 'good job, toots'. you know that in some countries womens day is an official holiday and all the men give women flowers, which is adorable. but in america, in an ironic twist of fate, womens day is the same day as another holiday: marti gras. where men give women beads in the respectful and post feminist desire to see their naked boobies.'

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