+ 'its a great day if you like the fossil fuels', craig ferguson shares, ''mexican food for lunch craig?' no thats not what i mean. tonight a new show premiered on a tv show thats not cbs, so i wont be watching... what channel? i dont know. its a reality show about miners, its called 'coal'. america needs coal miners, more than 50% of the power in america comes from coal. coal powered electric plants, it powers freight trains, regis philbin is powered by coal. its true, one of the most dangerous jobs in america: shoveling coal into regis' boilers. thats code. anyway, i'm excited about his coal show, if you ask me its well past time we appreciated america's coal miners. without them american snowmen would not have eyes, or the little buttons down the front. anyway, the guys on the coal show are pretty tough, they make the ice road truckers look like the cast from glee. i could never be a coal miner, i'm to pretty! plus, i would giggle every time the boss said 'ok boys, time to go down the shaft!'. reality shows about jobs are very popular now, coal miners, stock brokers, crab fisherman, theres more jobs on tv than there are in real life! will anyone want to see a coal miner show though? i want to see it but i dont know if anyone else will want to see it, a show about someone working in almost total darkness for low wages. remind you of anybody? when i see shows about dangerous jobs it makes me think i should stop complaining about my job. then i think complaining about my job sort of is my job! just kind of like 'aw, this is rubbish'. the only difference is that i mean it when i complain about this job, but its the only thing i am qualified to do. oh my, thats actually true!'

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