+ 'its a great day, not just for america, but for the entire world because a world institution celebrates his birthday today', craig ferguson shares, 'you know who i'm talking about, today, the 15th of march, fabio's birthday! happy birthday fabio! anyway, fabio's birthday wish is, of course, is a restraining order against me. now, today, not only is it fabio's birthday, but it also the 'ides' of march. this is when julius ceasar was told 'beware the ides of march' and ceasar was killed in italy on the ides of march, and fabio was born on the ides of march. could it be? no. reincarnation isnt possible. i look forward to your letters, your hindu letters. reincarnation doesnt work! its a made up concept like happiness or the female orgasm. sure, its a nice idea, we would all like to see one... i'm just kidding, ive seen one. anyways, the ides of march is just a fancy way of saying the 15th of march. in the roman calender the ides meant the 15th some months, and the 13th other months. the roman calender was very complicated, thats why i prefer my calender: the 1988 calender. i use the same calender every year, i miss a lot of appointments and people get angry, but at least i have a routine!'
-> martha stewart

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