+ 'an interesting movie comes out today', craig ferguson shares, 'it stars matt damon, its called the adjustment bureau. their slogan is 'your future has been adjusted'. i saw that poster a couple weeks ago, i was driving my new born baby back from the hospital when i saw it. 'your future has been adjusted', i'm like 'yeah!' 'waa! waa!' i'm like 'honey, shut up. you just had a baby!' thats right, i was rude to my wife- a round of applause for me! anyway, the adjustment bureau, they are marketing the movie as a 'romantic science fiction', sort of like when the matrix met sally. i think the adjustment bureau sounds dirty, it makes me think of that thing that guys do when they are sitting on the couch and their sack is stuck against their leg. its a lame title, but the movie should be good, its based on a short story by phillip k. dick. if you know anything about me, you know i love dick, i cant get enough. yup, phillip k. dick was an amazing science fiction writer is pure dick because it grows and it grows and it has an amazing climax!'
* wendy booker a world traveler with MS, craig gave her the kangaroo testicles he received from carrie fisher so that wendy can bring them with her to the north pole- so they can meet santa!

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