+ at the top of the show craig invites a man down from the audience to chat. turns out he can play the mouth organ! larry johnson is the man, and boy can he play! because of this he is awarded the golden mouth organ by craig! add another winner to the list!
+ 'its opening day- baseball season is here!' craig ferguson shares, 'america's favorite pass time, second only to angry birds. do we have a graphic? yeah! i have to say, these graphics are borderline adequate. which is better than they used to be, i'm actually impressed! i'm like 'that doesnt actually suck as much as they used to suck!' you know in washington dc they usually get the president to throw out the first pitch, but this year obama turned them down. what? apparently theres other stuff going on in the world. i'm like 'really? where?' anyway, he's busy and today he had to meet with hillary clinton, so fox news reports it as 'obama rejects america's game for date with grumpy transvestite'. anyway look, i would never throw the first pitch in a baseball game, i'd be too nervous, i'd be scared. but i always love to see who they get. last year at fenway park it was everybody's favorite baseball legend: chewbacca! thats for real! he was wookie of the year! ha ha ha! a joke! 'craig, craig, is that an actual joke on your late night show?!?' yeah! yeah! an actual joke! next we'll have a band and some actual things! no. you will never go to ball, cinderella!'.'

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