alex and bridger at the zoo

craig ferguson recently tried to hook up a couple of his employees.  bridger, who had been an intern with the show for a while but recently was hired on as a line producer, and another intern named alex were brought up during the opening segment of the show.  craig has been trying to get the two of them together.  they are both short and red heads, so obviously they should go out right?  that was craigs thinking as he invited them to go out on a date together to the l.a. zoo.  on the show they did a segment where the two of them were at the zoo in front of the flamingos.  craig has recently been on a kick of talking about flamingos and how much they smell, so this bit focused pretty heavily on the terrible stink of those pink birds.  alex and bridger, obviously not hitting it off as craig had suspected, are attacked by the lawn ornaments with bridger falling victim to their attacks and alex walking off annoyed...  maybe the two of them can make it work anyway?

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