+ 'its a great day if you like to smoke the reefer', criag ferguson shares, 'but when is it not, really?  no, the stoners just got a powerful new ally in the fight to legalize marijuana: pat robertson!  i'm not kidding, he said 'yeah, legalize it'.  may i be the first to say 'wha?!?'  its true, in an interview yesterday, the conservative broadcaster pat robertson, said that its time to treat marijuana like alcohol.  legalize it, tax it, keep it the hell away from mel gibson.  robertson said that people should be allowed to use pot in a responsible way.  he didnt specify what 'responsible' means, but i think we all know: adult swim.  some conservatives were shocked to hear that robertson wants to legalize marijuana.  look, this is a big deal, pat robertson saying that he supports the legalization of marijuana is like bob barker saying 'go ahead, let your dog keep its balls!'  its like matthew mcconaughey saying 'alright alright, today the shirt stays on!',  its like tim gunn saying 'i love it when people wear crocs'.  i dont see why anyone is surprised though, pat robertson is 81 years old, and after a certain point old people dont give a crap what anybody things!  they dont, they eat at 5:00pm, they wear socks with sandals, they see a cute girl at the checkout at the supermarket they say 'i wont to squeeze your boobies' and everyone is like 'aw, he's so cute!' i salute you, old people, do what you damn well please!
- raquel welch
* carl edwards

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