+ 'i dont know if you were watching the show friday and you have been sitting there all weekend waiting for me to come back', craig ferguson shares, 'ive still got my cold.  i had a cold on friday and i thought it would go away over the weekend, but it hasnt.  its been a very bad cold and i had to lay in bed all weekend, and i've done some pretty bad things.  first of all i wanted to catch up on some movies i had never seen before.  so my son and i watched goonies.  i had never seen goonies.  anyway, there is a line in it, you know in the movie when they fall through the thing and they fall in the ship and its all 'ahh!'?  then the little asian kid when 'i'm tired of falling, i'm tired of yelling, and i'm tired of skeletons!'  i went 'thats like my life!!!'  then later on last night i was pretty tired and feeling a bit ill, so i watched 'hellboy' on cable.  you know hellboy? its a great movie with all the monsters and all that.  i guess i was feeling a bit mad, because what i did was i went on twitter and put 'hellboy is greater than x-men'  twitter went crazy!  i didnt care, i was like 'ha, screw you guys!' then my wife saw it...  so now i have to apologize and say that x-men is better than hellboy.  but its not!'
- jayma mays
* jean-michel cousteau

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