+ 'it is february 29th, its leap day!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'a day so special it pops up only once every four years, like hugh heffner's penis.  there are a lot of weird traditions associated with this day, in ireland and norway women are supposed to ask men to marry them.  in denmark, not only can women ask men to marry them, but if he refuses he must give the woman 12 pairs of his gloves.  come on danish ladies, if a man owns 12 pairs of gloves, hes probably not the marrying kind.  at least not marrying a woman kind.  why do we need a leap day every four years?  well, i'll tell you why: because the earth orbits the sun not every 365 days, but 365 days and six hours.  in astronomical sense, that is a very tiny amount of time.  scientists refer to it as a 'kardashian marriage'.
- tom lennon
* phil plait

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