+ 'its a great day if your name is john carter', craig ferguson states, 'because that movie 'john carter' comes out today.  hollywood made a movie just for you, john carter!  the film was originally titled 'john carter of mars', but  a few months ago they changed the title to 'john carter'.  they wanted to, you know, make it less interesting.  you can tell disney is worried about how this movie is going to do at the box office because this morning they changed the title again to 'dr. seuss's john carter twilight harry potter'.  i think calling a movie 'john carter' is genius marketing because there is about, and i looked this up, theres about seven thousand people in the united states named john carter, now if each one of them pays 15 bucks to see it, then its... something.  it would be weird if you were john carter, if that was your name, and you'd see your name in billboards everywhere.  i suppose that happens to famous people all the time.  hope it never happens to me!  i dont want a big media company using 'craig ferguson' to promote entertainment.  i think i'm safe with that here, cbs in the middle of the night.'
- kristin davis
- chris o'dowd

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