+ 'so, the oscars were last night', craig ferguson states, 'but in heterosexual news, yesterday was the daytona 500.  it was supposed to be yesterday but it got rained out.  its the first time in history that has ever happened.  anyway, over the weekend mit romney went to daytona.  i think he was collecting motor oil for his hair, but he wanted to give the idea that he is a regular dude, not a rich fat cat thats made of money.  and this is true, he said to a reporter 'i dont follow nascar closely, but i have great friends who are nascar team owners'.  dont you even want to win this thing?  it didnt help that he shouted it out of a golden helicopter as well.  the other presidental candidate doesnt even pretend to like nascar, he's against any activity where dudes can rear end each other.'
+ 'fruits and veggies' a silent film making fun of the oscar winner 'the artist'
- eric idle
- sarah paulson

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