+ 'it is a fantastic day for me, not only do i have my cold medicine coarsing through my veins, but there is a new movie opening today that i have been looking forward to all year', craig ferguson admits, 'now, i come out here on fridays and i'm like 'oh there's a movie opening that i'm excited about it' and most of the time i am lying my ass off, but not today!  i am very excited about this one, its going to win a ton of oscars.  its a little film called 'ghost rider: spirit of vengeance'!!!  hurrah!  some people say that the first ghost rider did not need a sequel.  these people are called 'correct'.  but this one should be great.  i've seen the trailer, in the trailer, i'm not making this up, he pees fire!  fire!  he pees fire!!!  actually, i know what that's like a little bit... that's not the spirit of vengeance, that's the spirit of the clap...  i mean, its got to be a great movie.  does anyone in 'the artist' pee fire? i think not, they are just being whimsical.  take that whimsical french poofs!  ghost rider, i know what you are thinking, when will hollywood stop making these chick flicks?  i don't know.  now, if you don't know ghost rider, he's not a ghost, he's just a bad ass with a flaming skull.  a flaming skull is how you let people know you are a bad ass.  it is!  that's why i sewed one on my fanny pack.  you know the original idea for geoff peterson was from the first ghost rider movie.  i loved it so much i asked grant imahara from mythbusters to make me a flaming skeleton.  i should have been more specific... he's flamin' alright...'
- margaret cho
- simon helberg

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