+ 'its a great day if you like dr. seuss', craig ferguson shares, 'his movie, the lorax, is coming out today.  you know dr. seuss, do you like green eggs and ham? and all that.  green eggs and ham, by the way, is the name i gave my gentleman's business.  i have green testicles and a ham flavored penis...  anyway, dr. seuss's real name was theodor geisel, but changed it because it sounds more fun.  i actually went the other way, i changed my name to something more boring.  my actual name is assflaps mcpennywhistle.  but they said that name will never work in comedy, and they were right.  anyway, the lorax isnt one of dr. seuss's more well known books, but its still a good one.  when i look at that character it reminds me of someone- wilford brimley!  he wasnt in any dr. seuss books.  he wasnt in them because even the great dr. seuss couldnt come up with a rhyme for diabetis!'
- dennis miller
= the light brigade

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