+ 'its a great day of course, for the people of michigan', criag ferguson shares, 'today was the michigan republican primary.  even if romney doesnt win his home state, theres a long way to go, california and utah are still ahead.  so he can still go for his summer home state or his ski chalet state.  the fact is romney isn't the fat cat everyone thinks he is, he was born in good ol' detroit michigan, he grew up blue collar.  his dad had a job in the state of michigan.  what was his job again?  that's right, governor of the state of michigan!  growing up romney had to be very frugal.  mit romney once saved money on a family vacation by strapping the family dog in a carrier to the roof of a car for 600 miles.  that is unbelievable! that is true!  that is no way to treat a dog, thats for cats!  i'm just kidding, i would never strap a cat to the roof of a car, i'm not going to do that, i would never do that.  especially after spending fifty grand on a kitty cannon!'
# dr. oz  newly crowned winner of the golden mouth organ!
# carrie keagan

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