+ 'i'm very upset at the fox network', craig ferguson admits, 'they cancelled the dinosaur show terra nova.  i was like 'come on fox, i was just getting in to it!'.  i guess its difficult to get people excited about fake dinosaurs when they can see the real thing battle things out on super tuesday!  the results are down to the wire, so congratulations, winners.  one thing is for sure though, one man was on top, one man was on bottom, and the other two were right there in the middle. thats what elton john calls super tuesday anyway.  the ten states had their primaries today, but everyone says the big money is on mit romney.  i mean literally, he's so rich money oozes from his pores.  he spent five million dollars on ads for super tuesday.  anyway, my hat's off to mit romney, he's been out on the campaign trail even though he's got a terrible cold.  i'm not surprised he's sick though, its very unsanitary to keep putting your foot in your mouth like that.  and it doesnt help matter when he keeps blowing his nose on hundred dollar bills!'
- joel mchale

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