+ 'you know there's a new survey out', craig ferguson states, 'thank goodness because i do a late night show, about the happiest professions.  apparently one of the happiest professions is construction workers.  i knew they were happy because they always get to whistle at me whenever i walk by in a low cut top... 'hi!'  i think the whole premise of this survey is flawed, though, i don't think you are supposed to be happy at work.  i think work is just a tool where you are really supposed to derive true happiness from outside work.  from friends, or family, or youtube videos of old people falling down.  you know, for years i struggled to find that one thing that would make me happy.  i chased fame and money but they eluded me...  then i discovered the one thing that genuinely makes me happy: a nap!  which many of the studio audience are enjoying right now...  what i'm saying is that happiness is a choice, its a state of mind.  personally i find that i am most happy when i've got my pet ferrets with me, that's why i keep them in my pants!  according to this survey, one of the unhappiest professions are people who work in the media.  because we are insecure pieces of crap who whine into our lattes when something doesnt go our way.  except me of course, i am unique in show business, i live by the motto 'work like you dont need the money'.  which explains why i am working right here.'
- henry winkler
- jay baruchel

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