+ 'today in park city, utah, the sundance film festival began', craig ferguson shares, 'its the only thing in the world that makes utah more white.  what a great time to be a utahan.  do you know, i've been to park city before.  if you are driving to park city, utah from los angeles, you actually pass through a town called beaver.  thats true!  i always get stuck in beaver, there is so much to see!  i mean, you get up close to beaver and you think 'well, theres not much going on here', then you get inside and went 'woa!  whats all this?!?  who would have thought there was all this from the outside?'  the film makers go there to raise money for the films.  they raise money the old fashioned way: they sell weapons and stuff.  investors go there to look for films.  i've been in this game, when you are trying to raise money for independent film, you mean a lot of shady guys from eastern europe...  sundance isnt really about the movies these days, its more a kind of party atmosphere.  one of the regulars is paris hilton.  i like paris, she's a nice girl, but he's not really a representative of fine cinema.  although, she did that one movie that i rather enjoyed, i rented it accidentally a couple times...  you know, that one where... ah... house of wax, that one!'
steven wright
- sara paxton

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