ass mode

ever wondered why the tweet mail jingles on 'the late late show with craig ferguson' always seems to include the term 'ass mode'?  well, craig finally provides an answer:  an email craig read on the air asked 'dear mr. ferguson and geoff peterson, you seem to take a lot of interest in philosophy, do you live by any particular philosophy?'  craig responds 'yes i do: ass mode.  right geoff?'
'that's right, ass mode is a way of life' geoff responds.
'ass mode is a way of life.  when you see on the tweet mail jingle when it goes 'ass mode' people are like 'what does it mean?' i'll tell you what it means.  what does it mean geoff?'
'it means its a way of life' geoff retorts.
later, when hugh laurie is on the show, he asks 'well, i didnt exactly come here with a list of questions, but i came with one: what is 'ass mode'?  i ask it on behalf of everyone, i think'.
'and i answer you', craig states, 'by saying: geoff?'
geoff responds with 'ass mode is a way of life.'


jrdelgado said...

Great way of life. Jaja

Anonymous said...

My dog chews on it's ass...sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Ass (a la) mode is a way of eating ass cream life with a cherry on top and chocolate syrup.

lee woo said...

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. See the link below for more info.


sarah lee said...

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