+ 'its an important time for the nation', craig ferguson shares, 'earlier tonight, people of every race and religion stopped what they were doing.  washington d.c. politicians put aside their differences for one hour, because tonight is the season premier of 'the jersey shore'.  if you dont know what that is because you are 'too classy', then imagine its like downton abbey if everyone vomited on each other.  'i say, lord percy, blahhh!'  so its season five, started tonight.  its about damn time because season four only finished about two months ago.  i love the whole cast, you know: snookie, the situation, j wow, spuds, corky, tito, regis...  i've never watched it.  i dont have time to watch crappy tv, i'm too busy making crappy tv!  i actually did see the jersey shore once, it was the one where that dude hit the other dude, then there was some hooking up, and then they had to solve a mystery by examining the semen stains on the wall.  wait, thats CSI isnt it?'
- tom selleck
- daniela ruah

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