+ 'its a great day if you like the gadgets', craig ferguson states, 'today was the start of the 2012 consumer electronics show, ces.  you know, were the humans blend with technology, its held every year in las vegas.  geoff and i got married there, remember?  thats the night this human blended with technology.  vegas is going through some rough times right now, the economy is bad.  the economy is so bad in vegas, louis anderson got a second job as a bouncy castle.  the economy is so bad in vegas, the bellagio replaced the dancing waters with a fat guy holding a hose.  anyway, this year at the consumer electronic show, everyone is talking about the voice control tv.  its tv that you control with your voice!  instead of the back braking work of pressing a button on the remote!  instead of the tedious endless exercise of clicking a button, you can now just yell 'kardashians!' at the tv!  be careful though, if you yell 'kloe', you'll get animal planet...'
* isaac mizrahi
- sophia bush

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