+ 'there was a big season premier last night', craig ferguson shares, 'did you see it?  it was downton abbey.  its the british soap opera thats getting very popular.  its like an american soap opera but without all the straight teeth.  its on pbs, i'm not sure what that stands for, probably british stuff.  what i'm saying is that downton abbey is on pbs, which means its classy, which probably means you havent seen it.  if you didnt see the first season of downton abbey, i'll do a quick recap for you: 'i say, lady.  how dare you!  kiss me, fatha! war has been declared!'  thats about it.  downton abbey takes place in the north of england, in yorkshire.  with all the lords and ladies and butlers and all the cooks all live together in a country estate.  i have to admit, i like to look at all the outfits.  all those big tight corsets, the flowing dresses, and when i'm finished picking my clothes for the evening, i turn on the tv and watch downton abbey.  i grew up in britain, so i had my fill of the whole class division thing, so i didnt watch downton abbey over the weekend, but i did watch the republican debate.  and one of the candidates said there are no classes in america.  and then that topic was hotly debated by all six rich white guys who were there'.
- howie mandel
= randy houser

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