+ 'hey, do you like the disney cartoons?' craig ferguson asks, 'neither do i! i'm just kidding, i do.  i like disney cartoons, they are warm and soothing, like bathing in a bath of fresh oatmeal.  i had to do that last month when i had shingles!  thats how you do it, i had shingles and thats how you get rid of them.  you lie in a big bath of oatmeal.  the kids are still eating the leftovers.  'dad, it tastes shingly!' 'ah, eat your shingle porridge you wee bastards! when i was your age shingle porridge was a delicacy served only to the royals!'  anyway, what i'm saying about the disney cartoons, the classic is being rereleased today.  its not winnie the pooh, which i loved, but its beauty and the beast thats coming out.  this time its coming in 3D!  all the songs and romance you remember, plus the expense of doubly expensive tickets and glasses covered in bacteria!
- kristen bell
louis anderson

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