True or not true!

it seems that craig ferguson came up with a new bit for the show!  he was sitting down at his desk the other night, answering emails.  he got a tweet from aaron is sacramento, which got craig going on sacramento.  he said 'this tweet is from aaron is sacramento california, the capitol of the state of california is in sacramento.  thats the very town where governor scharzenegger did to the state of california what he did to his maid while he was married.  true or not true?  oh! thats a new bit for the show, i've just invented it!  geoff, we've got a new bit!  its awesome!  its called 'true or not true'!'  craig then progresses to go through a few different examples of 'true or not true'.  craig continues 'you know what?  i'm pretty sure that by the end of the week we will have a graphic for 'true or not true'!'  actually, craig has a graphic, admittedly pretty lame, by the end of the show!  wow, those graphics people sure work quick!

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