+ 'earlier tonight on fox, i was watching it, was the new show alcatraz', craig ferguson shares, 'you know, the show about the legendary san francisco prison.  the only prison in the world with less man on man action inside the prison that is going on in the town outside...  alcatraz isn't really a good name for a prison outside of san francisco, if you are going to have a prison in san francisco, you should call it 'sing sing!'  anyway, the new show about alcatraz, the prisoners are out terrorizing the city and they haven't aged a day.  no, its jj abrams who is behind this, he's terrific.  he did 'lost' and the new 'star trek' movie, so the prisoners are probably ghosts or clones or something like that.  although i have to say, scientists, if you are watching this show, and i know you do, do not clone dinosaurs or prisoners.  don't do it!  cloning technology is getting more advanced.  scottish scientists invented it.  it was invented in edinburgh university they invented cloning.  and the first thing they cloned, rather embarrassingly, was a sheep!  the scientist said 'i have just invented cloning, everybody!  well done me!  any ideas what we should clone first?'  'i've got an idea...'.'
- lucy liu
- kevin sorbo

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