+ 'happy new year!' craig ferguson exclaims, 'i hope you all had a good time, i was in scotland for new years.  its called 'hogmanay' in scotland.  now, some people think hogmanay comes from the northern french word meaning 'new year's gift', but actually its the sound you make when you throw up a bottle of champagne!  for the new year many people make resolutions, its a good idea to share with your coworkers so you will be motivated.  this year geoff and i made resolution to make this show less filthy and more intellectual.  ha ha ha!  yeah, right!  personally, resolutions make me want to do something more!  if i make a resolution i go 'argh, i'm not going to do it', which makes me really want to do it!  i dont like anyone telling me what to do, even if its me telling me what to do!  a couple years ago my big resolution was to spend part of every day learning spanish, that was my big resolution.  and it was over by... whats the spanish word for 'mid-january'?  so this year i'm just avoiding the whole thing so nobody is el disapointo.'
- tim meadows
= eliza doolittle
myq kaplan

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