+ 'not a great day if you like the yoga', craig ferguson admits, 'you know the yoga?  the practice of physical and spiritual and mental discipline from india?  well, now the new york times says in an article that yoga can be dangerous.  ah, yoga is not dangerous.  next thing you know they will be telling us that other pleasant things are dangerous, like scrap booking and heroin.  anyway, the new york times article says that yoga related injuries are on the rise.  what happens is that people spend all day in chairs at work and then they twist themselves into a pretzel during yoga and expect it to be easy and hurt themselves.  its like if you were a brainless action star your whole life, and then trying to go out and govern the state of california.  see that?  thats your topical humor! how long has he been out of office?  two years now?  thats what we do here, we do the late night show with all the topical stuff in the news!'
- hugh laurie he talks and sings!

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