+ 'did you watch the american idol tonight?' craig ferguson asks, 'i did!  the first couple episodes of american idol are usually the highest rated of the season because there is something magical about people who have dreams beyond their talent go on national talent and having those dreams crushed...  thats not the only reason people watch american idol, theres also the new judges, and i love them.  i dont think i would be a good judge, i was a musician, but i was a crap musician.  the core of my distaste for american idol, which i do have, is that it teaches the wrong things to the kids.  it teaches aspiring singers a dangerous lesson:  that you need someone elses permission to persue your dreams.  you dont.  and whats worse, that karaoke is cool.  its not.  if you want to be a singer, then sing!  you dont need to ask someone.  to me, singing is like masturbation: you should do it every day in the shower!  american idol assumes being a music star is all about pure vocal ability, and that is just not true.  you also need a certain amount of je ne sais quoi.  'je ne sais quoi' is a french term that means boobies.'
- david duchovny
* dr. sanjay gupta

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