+ 'you know that horror movie is opening today, 'the devil inside'.' craig ferguson shares, 'that looks scary!  and you know, if you take the word devil and spell it backwards it says 'lived'.  yeah, its not that creepy.  listen, the movie is about an exorcism and the movie is based on true events.  which is kind of like the label on cheese dips that says 'this item is based on actual cheese'.  this movie is based on an exorcism, it better have a cool twist, because that territory has been pretty well covered by 'the exorcist'.  which i actually never saw.  i meant to, i was on the way to the theater, but was distracted by a movie called 'the sexorcist'.  the same thing happened when i went to go see 'chitty chitty bang bang'.  in the new movie the devil gives all his minions a tattoo on the inside of their lip, which is ridiculous.  everyone knows what the dark lord of the underworld gives his minions: a law degree!'
- michael clarke duncan
- laura prepon

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