7 years of craig!

'so tonight is the seventh anniversary of this show!  i was thinking 'have we been doing this show seven years?'  well, yeah, thats why they call it an anniversary!  what i did, i thought this would be fun, i thought we could take a look at the very first show!  what we did is we thought people would want to see how this show has progressed over the years.  so what we did was i went down to the cbs basement today.  that is code, by the way...  so, geoff and i were rummaging around in the basement today and we found the very first show!'
craig then proceeds to show a 'clip' of the first show.  its not actually the first show though, but rather a recreation of it.  craig, dressed up in a terrible black wig, red blazer, and piano key tie, makes some lame jokes about topical events from seven years ago.  the best part was that geoff peterson was there- but not the robot skeleton we have all grown to love.  instead, the guy who does his voice was standing at the podium bantering with craig!  geoff talked about how he had plans that weekend to go skydiving and offered 'if i die you can always reanimate my lifeless corpse with robot parts!'
later that night, craig talks about his anniversary again:  'its a great day for this show, for us today, its the seventh anniversary for this show!  this very night!  the show's age has finally reached the age of the audience's maturity level!  and the network gave me, thank you to cbs, they gave me the traditional anniversary gift of nothing.  nothing!  not a thing!  not even a fucking phone call!  i'm not kidding!!!'

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