unknown musician on craig

criag ferguson often invites people from the audience to come up and chat with him during the first segment of the show before the monologue, usually it is attractive young ladies. well, this time he brought up two french girls and talked with them for a bit. he found out over the course of the conversation that one of the girls is a singer/songwriter: 'so, what are you doing in l.a. ladies?' craig asks.
'i'm a singer and songwriter' marine, the dark haired girl states.
'are you any good? do you want to be on the show? did you bring a guitar with you?' craig inquires.
'no i dont' she replies.
'well, thats going to get in the way then. you should be on this show! do you have a visa?'
'i dont, can i borrow yours? you have a visa to perform?''yes'
'we should have her perform on the show! we'll get you on the show and you can sing! can you sing one of your own songs? that will be cheaper for us!' craig exclaims.
'i will, yes'
'oh, we will do it then! this will be great, then people will say 'this is where marine started, she started on that very show!' thats great!' craig gushes and asks the other girl 'do you sing too?'
'no, i dance.' the blond girl replies.
'you dance?!?' craig questions, looks to the camera, 'hey you, watch a couple commercials, daddy's busy...'
at the end of the show craig shares 'so here's the thing, at the start of the show we met two lovely french girls. one of them is the singer 'rookie'. she is going to sing us one of her songs. you agree now, in front of the entire country, that you are not going to charge us for this?'
'no' she states, and goes on to perform a song she wrote and plays the guitar.
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