+ 'bit of a scary week so far', craig ferguson admits, 'what with one thing and another... well, there was the earthquake and the hurricane irene coming in on the east coast. thats what happens when you cancel oprah! thats why i love good old california, just sunshine and good old anthrax. if you saw the show last night, first of all, i'm sorry because it was this show and you saw it. last night i was talking about someone sent me an envelope with white powder. now, it turns out it was just corn starch, which is kind of a mixed blessing. on one hand i have an enemy out there somewhere, on the other hand, my soups will now be thicker and richer! you know what i was amazed about was the media coverage. the media when crazy with this thing, didnt they? i saw it out there that it said 'craig is very concerned for his staff', it said that in the hollywood reporter. that i was very concerned for my staff. thats not entirely what i said, i said 'i'm very concerned for my staff, and by staff i mean penis'. thats what i said! but they showed this picture of me being very serious, and didnt include the part about my penis. nobody's interested in real news anymore. or my penis!'

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