+ 'happy labor day, everybody!', craig ferguson exclaims, 'the president was in detroit today, he gave a speech about employment. he wanted everyone to know he was is very concerned about jobs. especially his own, i would think! you know labor day was started in the 1880's by president grover cleveland. he was a democrat and was booted out of office after one term, but then he was reelected after four years. whats my point? there's hope president obama, you are a young man. 'craig, who's side are you on?' oh, everyone's... anyway, this is our day to salute the millions of americans who punch the clock five days a week and then go to work. its not easy times for the american worker: the wages are stagnant, job growth is near zero, and worst of all, we are going into an election cycle so you know its going to be chock-a-block with politicians pretending to give a rats ass about anybody having a job or not. 'oh craig, are you implying that politicians are sleazy lying bastards?' yes! 'craig, wait a minute, you mean the politicians on the other side, dont you?' sure, whatever you have to tell yourself. 'who's side are you on?' fucking nobody's!'
# annie duke professional poker player

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