the final installment of craig in paris week!
+ craig ferguson performs at the moulin rouge with all the dancers! geoff peterson watches, but is not amused.
+ sean connery's parisian memories
+ michael caine in space in paris
+ craig shares why he is in france: it all goes back to the guy who copied his show last year: arthur. he was on 'the late late show' a few months ago and invited craig to come on his show sometime- so he did! craig goes to arthur's show as a guest- and hilarity ensues!
+ craig and kristen bell go to check out the shoes at christian louboutin and actually talk to christian himself about shoes and why women are so fascinated by them. very interesting...
+ cher homme d'aqua
+ the final installment of dinner with kristen bell and jean reno
+ the week in paris ends with a song and a dance from the professional dance troupe at the moulin rouge. wow, what a week!

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